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Marcel Marongiu, Black Wool Blend Ensemble
Marcel Marongiu, 1963-, Designer, 1990-1999
Louis Féraud, Red Wool Double-Breasted Blazer Skirt Suit
Louis Féraud, 1920-1999, Designer, 1990-1999
Karl Lagerfeld, Black Viscose Skirt Suit Set
Karl Lagerfeld, 1933-2019, Designer, 1990-1999
Jean Colonna, Gray Viscose Jersey Slip Dress
Jean Colonna, 1955- , Designer, 2010-2019
Helmut Lang, Nude Viscose Asymmetrical Top
Helmut Lang, 1956-, Designer, 2010-2019
Jacqueline de Ribes, Black and White Silk Chiffon and Viscose Velvet Dress
Jacqueline de Ribes, 1929-, Designer, 1990-1999
Jil Sander, Brown Rayon Suit Jacket and Pants
Jil Sander, 1943- , Designer, 2000-2009
Louis Féraud, Purple Skirt Suit Set
Louis Féraud, 1920-1999, Designer, 1980-1989
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