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How do I search for something by year?
On the left of our site you will see a search box. Type in the year as e.g. 1920 or 1920s. If you want multiple years, separate years with a comma e.g. 1920, 1960, 2010.

I can't find anything when I type in "red" or "hat"?
Our search engine does not return word queries less than or equal to three letters. A word descriptor with less than or equal to three letters will read "Your query returned no results." We are working on a solution. In the meantime, try other word descriptors, longer than 3 letters, to find what you are looking for.

The Fashion Archive

I would like to use imagery?
You can contact the HCC Library Director, Erica Hubbard erica.hubbard@hccs.edu

How do I donate items to the archive?
Thank you! As a first step, you can contact our Fashion Archive Ambassador and Fashion Department Professor, Alexander Chapman -  alexander.chapman@hccs.edu

How do I make a financial contribution to the fashion archive?
You can make a tax deductible contribution directly to us the HCC Fashion Archive through the HCC Foundation online at HCC Fashion Archive Fundraising

Can I visit the archive?
Individual and group visits are available by appointment only. To coordinate your visit, please contact Alexander Chapman -  alexander.chapman@hccs.edu or Denise Hulett - denise.hulett@hccs.edu, 713-718-2367.