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Jean Patou, Black Damask Coat
Jean Patou, 1887-1936, Designer, 1960-1969
Art Knitting Toronto Beige Knit Three Piece Set
Art Knitting Toronto, 1960-1969
Pink and Yellow Paper Dress
Unknown designer, 1960-1969
Potato Sack Burlap Dress
Unknown designer, 1960-1969
Atelier by Gayle Kirkpatrick, Pink Knit Mini-Dress
Atelier by Gayle Kirkpatrick, 1960-1969
Ivory, Cotton Button-up and Pants Ensemble
Unknown designer, 1960-1969
Tuffin and Foale for Youthquake, Yellow Vinyl Dress
Tuffin and Foale for Youthquake, 1960-1969
Courrèges, Creme and Gray Wool Mini-Dress
André Courrèges, 1923-2016, Designer, 1960-1969
Christian Dior New York Inc., Brown Wool Jacket and Skirt Ensemble
Christian Dior, 1905-1957, Designer, 1960-1969
Pan American Airlines Stewardess Cap
Mae Hanauer Inc., 1960-1969
Amrose New York for Bonwit Teller, Red White and Navy Straw Beret
Amrose New York for Bonwit Teller, 1960-1969
Multicolored Pheasant Feather Pillbox Hat
Unknown designer, 1960-1969
Damozel, Hot Pink Velvet Ribbon Pillbox Hat
Damozel of New York, 1960-1969
Black Velvet Mandarin Hat
Unknown designer, 1960-1969
Multicolored Tinsel Hat
Unknown designer, 1960-1969
Newton Elkin, Pink Patent Leather Peep Toe High Heels
Newton Elkin Shoe Co., sold at Sakowitz, 1960-1969
Green Embroidered Sheepskin Vest
Unknown designer, 1969-1972
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