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White chiffon halter wedding dress with front v-neckline and open back bodice as well as lace and decorative beaded design at waistline.

Blue chiffon saree with gold appliqués and chunni wrapped around the waist and drape at the other end diagonally over the shoulder.

Blue and gold silk salwa kameez with front button closure and open keyhole back bodice design along with red collar and cuffs with gold appliqués.
Tan, silk ottoman bodice and skirt with detachable peplum, green velvet trim, pleated cuffs and lace collar.
Green and gray taffeta bodice and matching skirt with pleated ruffle trim.
Tan, silk taffeta bodice and skirt ensemble with wool, floral embroidery and gold, fringe trim.
Pink silk mousseline bodice and skirt with cream lace and pink and cream ribbon trim.
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