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Rykiel Homme, Apricot Velour Long Sleeve Collared Shirt
Sonia Rykiel, 1930-2016, Designer, 1990-1999
Chanel, Orange Cotton Custom Brass Button Dress
Coco Chanel, 1883-1971, Founder and Designer,
Karl Lagerfeld, 1933-2019, Creative Director and Designer
, 1980-1989
Leonard, Multicolored Skirt Suit
Leonard , 2000-2009
Charles Cooper, Silver and Orange Brocade Vest and Orange Silk Crepe Pant
Charles Cooper, 1901-1969, Designer, 1960-1969
Diane Von Furstenberg, Blue Polyester Georgette Wrap Dress
Diane Von Furstenberg, 1946-, Designer, 1980-1989
Guatemalan Embroidered Panel
Unknown designer, 2000-2010
Multi-Coloured Straw Bag
Unknown designer, 1930-1939
Multi-Coloured Silk Print Furisode
Unknown designer, Unknown
Orange Pebble Silk Kimono
Unknown designer, Meiji Period, 1868-1912
Purple and Orange Pebble Silk Kimono
Unknown designer, 1920-1929
Stavropoulos, Multicolored Velvet Evening Gown
George Stavropoulos, 1920-1990, Designer, 1980-1989
Minh Hanh, Multicolored Silk Velvet Shrug
Minh Hanh, 1961 - , Designer, 2000-2009
Orange Jacquard Caftan Dress
Unknown designer, 2000-2009
Rust Orange Velvet Dress
Unknown designer, 1920-1929
Oscar de la Renta Boutique, Orange Organza Evening Dress
Oscar de la Renta Boutique, Oscar de la Renta, 1932-2014, Designer, , 1960-1969
Courrèges, Brown Wool Dress
Courrèges Paris, André Courrèges, 1927-2016, Designer, 1970-1979
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