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Betsey Johnson, Black Tattoo Flash Print Silk Charmeuse Dress
Betsey Johnson with Mark Mahoney, 1990-1999
Multicolored Floral Print Velveteen Ensemble
Unknown designer, 1960-1969
Guatemalan Embroidered Motifs
Unknown designer, 2000-2009
Multi-Coloured Tsutsugaki
Unknown designer, Unknown
Black and Multi-Coloured Crocheted Sweater
Unknown designer, 1940-1949
Multicolored Tinsel Hat
Unknown designer, 1960-1969
Oscar de la Renta, Multicolored Floral Dress
Oscar de la Renta, 1932-2014, Designer, 1980-1989
Multicolored Cotton Huipil
Unknown designer, 1980-1989
Minh Hanh, Multicolored Silk Velvet Shrug
Minh Hanh, 1961 - , Designer, 2000-2009
Black Coarse Cotton Huipil Inspired Jacket
Kay King, 1937 - , Designer, 2000-2009
Multicolored Beaded Purse
Unknown designer
, 1890-1899
Yellow Linen Dress
Made for Tesoro's, 1960-1969
Jeanne Lanvin, Multicolored Swing Coat
Jeanne Lanvin, 1867-1946, Designer, 1970-1979
Reza Khan, Black Multicolored Floral Dress
Reza Khan, Designer, 1980-1989
Bob Mackie Boutique, Purple Polyester Dress
Bob Mackie Boutique, Bob Mackie, 1939- , Designer, 1980-1989
Patricia Mavligit, Multicolored Embroidery Jacket
Patricia Mavligit, Designer, 1980-1989
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