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Maroon and Gold Striped Dress and Jacket
Unknown designer, 1930-1939
Traditional Afghan Maroon Velvet Dress
Unknown designer, 1990-1999
Red and Black Embroidered Bedouin Dress
Unknown designer, Early 21st century
Traditional Fireman's Heavy Cotton Jacket
Unknown designer, Unknown
Multi-Coloured Silk Print Furisode
Unknown designer, Unknown
Red, Brown, and Beige Straw Shoulder Bag
Unknown designer, Unknown
Mollie Parnis, Maroon Ultrasuede Dress With Belt
Mollie Parnis, 1899-1992, Designer, 1970-1979
Bob Mackie, Red Velvet and Silk Dupioni Off-shoulder Gown
Bob Mackie, 1940-, Designer, 1990-1999
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