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Lavender, dupioni silk, floral print, backless dress accented with white, organza design on front bodice and skirt using TR cutting manipulation.

Light pink, dupioni silk floral print vest with matching high-waisted pencil skirt that has accented flower shape using TR cutting technique.

Lavender, caramel, and ivory striped double knit wool single breasted raglan sleeved 3/4" length jacket with caramel edging at notched collar and front opening edges, four covered button and buttonhole closure. The caramel skirt has a side zipper and…
Lavender, silk georgette, sheer dress with multicolored, geometric and floral beadwork.
Lavender, single-breasted, linen coat with weights inside back hem.
Pink and purple wool jacket and skirt with pink, cellophane woven check blouse.
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