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Yuki, Purple Silk Bridal Satin Cocktail Dress with Cape
Yuki Torimaru, 1937-, Designer, 1980-1989
James Galanos, Yellow and Black Dress
James Galanos, 1924-2016, Designer, 1980-1989
André Laug, Yellow Silk Blend Pleated Dress
André Laug, 1931-1984, Designer, 1970-1979
Bernard Perris, Gold and Yellow Wool Jacket
Bernard Perris, 1936-, Designer, 1990-1999
Cesar Galindo, Navy and Yellow Jersey Knit Dress
Cesar Galindo, 1966-, Designer, 2010-2019
Carol Lane Saber, Yellow Cotton and Silk Quilted 'Postcard' Kimono
Carol Lane Saber, 1935- , Designer, 1980-1989
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