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Cream silk long-sleeve top with attached black velvet bow and round collar. Sleeves are gathered under an overlaying fabric sewn on princess seams. Sleeve cuffs are gathered and folded up with two black velvet bows sewn on both sides. Bodice consists…
Floral print, chiffon bodice with pleated sleeves and green, floral ribbon.
Burgundy corduroy bodice with white, silk ruffles, and scroll embroidery trim.
Black and yellow check patterned, silk bodice with beaded hem, pleated collar and a bow at the neckline.
Tan, silk ottoman bodice and skirt with detachable peplum, green velvet trim, pleated cuffs and lace collar.
Black, faille bodice with pleated, asymmetrical front and back.
Pink bodice with black lace overlay, black velvet and silk trim.
Navy blue wool bodice with black silk, bias trim and flutter sleeves.
Burgundy, wool bodice with peplum, mutton sleeves, braided trim, and French knot embroidery.
Black, leather, asymmetrical bodice with luggage hardware accents and decorative lining with matching black, suede maxi skirt, leather tabs and snap accents.
Red, wool, plain weave bodice with cowl collar on neckline and beaded embroidery at hem.
White, damask bodice with summer sleeve and piping details on the sleeves.
Green and gray taffeta bodice and matching skirt with pleated ruffle trim.
Tan, silk taffeta bodice and skirt ensemble with wool, floral embroidery and gold, fringe trim.
Pink silk mousseline bodice and skirt with cream lace and pink and cream ribbon trim.
Burgundy, taffeta bodice with ascot ruffle.
Black, lace bodice with metal boning.
Black, lace bodice with ivory lace cuffs and collar. Pink trim on hem and matching skirt.
White organza bodice with floral and drawn embroidery and wide lace trim with sash attached.
Cream, embroidered mesh peplum bodice with sash.
Black and purple silk bodice with velvet ribbon and lace trim.
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