1970's Fashion

Excerpt taken from Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion:

"The 1970s was an era of striking contrasts in women’s fashions. In the early 1970s, the thigh-high miniskirt dominated, but by the end of the decade, most hemlines were well below the knee, some sweeping the ankles. The polyester double-knit pantsuit and platform shoes were favored by career women of the early 1970s, but a few years later, natural fibers and designer logos of the layered look prevailed in corporate offices. Sexualized styles such as hot pants and snug, hiphugger bell-bottoms were replaced by conservative looks in the mid-1970s, but returned in the disco era as skintight designer jeans and skin-baring tops for nights on the dance floor. The street looks of students and antiwar protestors vanished with the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, yet, at the end of the decade, rebellious youth found a new nonconformist identity with the tribal dress of punks. These and other iconic styles of the 1970s have endured decade after decade, and have been a constant source of inspiration for subsequent generations of designers." To learn more about fashion in the 1970's, click here. (Off campus users will need a HCC username and password for access.)

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