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Zandra Rhodes, Multicoloured Pleated Silk Jacket
Zandra Rhodes, 1940-, Designer, 1970-1979
Yves Saint Laurent, Black Suede Jacket
Yves Saint Laurent, 1937-2008, Designer, 1990-1999
Vincent Draper, Rose Gold Needlepoint Shoes
Vincent Draper, Designer, 1950-1959
Brown Velvet Dress
Unknown designer, sold at Sakowitz, 1960-1969
Tsutsugaki Wedding Futon
Unknown designer, Meiji Period, 1868-1912
Guatemalan Embroidered Panel
Unknown designer, 2000-2010
Black Floral Tapestry Evening Purse
Unknown designer, 1970-1979
Multicolored Cotton Kanga
Unknown designer, 2000-2009
Red Handwoven Cotton Scarf
Unknown designer, 2000-2009
White Jacquard Caftan Dress
Unknown designer, 2000-2009
Traditional Afghan Maroon Velvet Dress
Unknown designer, 1990-1999
Black Jacquard Capelet
Unknown designer, 1890-1899
Black Crepe Gown
Unknown designer, 1930-1939
Maroon and Gold Striped Dress and Jacket
Unknown designer, 1930-1939
Gold Silk Capelet
Unknown designer
, 1900-1909
Samuel Winston, Cream Brocade Dress and Coat Ensemble
Samuel Winston by Roxanne, 1960-1969
Saint Laurent, Gold Silk Blouse
Saint Laurent Paris, 2000s
Ruby Marquez, Gold Raffia Corset
Ruby Marquez, -2009, Designer, 2000-2009
Reza Khan, Black and Gold Silk Dress
Reza Khan, Designer, 1990-1999
Reza Khan, Black Multicolored Floral Dress
Reza Khan, Designer, 1980-1989
Oscar De La Renta, Red Silk Burnout Ensemble
Oscar de la Renta, 1932-2014, Designer, 1980-1989
Oscar de la Renta Boutique, Orange Organza Evening Dress
Oscar de la Renta Boutique, Oscar de la Renta, 1932-2014, Designer, , 1960-1969
Nicholas Champroux, Brown and Stone Vest and Shorts Ensemble
Nicholas Champroux, 1976- , Designer, 2010-2019
Max Cohen INC., Gold Silk Organza Dress
Max Cohen INC.
, 1920-1929
Mary McFadden, Cobalt Silk Blend Plisse Dress
Mary McFadden, 1938 - , Designer, 1980-1989
Liberty and Co., Ivory Silk Evening Cape
Liberty and Co. , London and Paris, 1900-1909
Leslie James, Gold Felt Hat
Leslie Masters, Designer, 1950-1959
Givenchy, Green Wool Blend Knit Dress
Hubert de Givenchy, 1927-2018, Designer, 1990-1999
Gilbert Muniz, Multi-Colored Cotton Jacket With Dress
Gilbert Muniz, 1976-, Designer, 2010-2019
Gianfranco Ferré, Gold and Silver Dress
Gianfranco Ferré, 1944-2007, Designer, 1990-1999
Chanel, Pink and Purple Three-Piece Skirt Suit
Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, 1883-1971, Founder and Designer
, 1970-1979
Chanel, Green and Gold Brocade Dress Suit
Coco Chanel, 1883-1971, Founder and Designer;
Karl Lagerfeld, 1933-2019, Creative Director and Designer
, 1970-1979
Chloe Dao, White Gold Dress
Chloe Dao, 1972 - ,Designer, 2000-2009
The House of Worth, Gold Beaded Gown
Charles Frederick Worth, 1825-1895, Founder and Designer, 1930-1939
Chanel Boutique, Navy Blue Lace Dress
Chanel Boutique, 1980-1989
Carol Lane Saber, Gold Silk Blend Cropped Blouse
Carol Lane Saber, 1935- , Designer, 1980-1989
Bergdorf Goodman, Salmon and Gold Brocade Gown
Bergdorf Goodman
, 1950-1959
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