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Chanel, Brown Wool Bouclé Dress Suit Set
Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, 1883-1971, Founder and Designer,
Karl Lagerfeld, 1933-2019, Creative Director and Designer
, 1990-1999
Emanuel Ungaro, Gray and White Wool Skirt Suit
Emanuel Ungaro, 1933-2019, Designer, 1990-1999
Geoffrey Beene, Black and White Houndstooth Dress
Geoffrey Beene, 1924-2004, Designer, 1990-1999
Gianfranco Ferré, Gold and Silver Dress
Gianfranco Ferré, 1944-2007, Designer, 1990-1999
Myrna Vallejo, Black Luggage Ensemble
Myrna Vallejo, 1974 -, Designer, 1990-1999
Reza Khan, Black and Green Dress
Reza Khan, Designer, 1990-1999
Reza Khan, Black and Pink Wool Crepe Dress
Reza Khan, Designer, 1990-1999
Reza Khan, Cream Wool Skirt Suit
Reza Khan, Designer, 1990-1999
Romeo Gigli, Heather Gray Jacket
Romeo Gigli, 1949-, Designer, 1990-1999
Slate Blue Polyester Burka
Unknown designer, 1990-1999
Thierry Mugler, Pink Snap Dress
Thierry Mugler, 1945-, Designer, 1990-1999
Zandra Rhodes, Cream Silk Dress
Zandra Rhodes, 1940-, Designer, 1990-1999
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