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Claire McCardell, Red Wool Dress
Claire McCardell Clothes by Townley, 1950-1959
Hoops! My Dear, Wedding Dress Petticoat
Hoops! My Dear by I&M Co., 1950-1959
Elsa Schiaparelli, Blue Hat and Pink Hatbox
Elsa Schiaparelli, 1890-1973, Designer, 1950-1959
Bergdorf Goodman, Salmon and Gold Brocade Gown
Bergdorf Goodman
, 1950-1959
Henri Bendel, Cream Silk Wedding Dress
Henri Bendel, 1869-1936, 1950-1959
Navy Blue and Red Carnation Print Party Dress
Unknown designer, 1950-1959
Floral Lace Party Dress
Unknown designer, 1950-1959
Carrie Munn, Beige and Pink Lace and Net Dress
Carrie Munn, 1898-1984, Designer, 1950-1959
Neiman Marcus, White Beaded Coin Purse
Neiman Marcus, 1950-1959
After Five, White Clutch Purse
After Five, 1950-1959
Leslie James, Gold Felt Hat
Leslie Masters, Designer, 1950-1959
White, Braid Over Wire, Cocktail Hat
Unknown designer , 1950-1959
Nell of New York, Pink Silk Velvet Turban
Nell of New York, 1950-1959
White Felt, Rhinestone, Studded Cocktail Hat
Unknown designer, 1950-1959
Pink Velvet Cocktail Hat
Unknown designer, 1950-1959
Yellow Calot Hat
Unknown designer, 1950-1959
White Leather Children's Gloves
Unknown designer, 1950-1959
Saks Fifth Avenue, Cream Silk Pleated Wedding Dress
Salon Moderne, Saks Fifth Avenue, 1950-1959
Jacques Fath, Black and White Silk Dupioni Strapless Dress
Jacques Fath, 1912-1954, Designer, 1990-1999
André Laug, Yellow Silk Blend Pleated Dress
André Laug, 1931-1984, Designer, 1970-1979
Pierre Balmain, Black Textured Cotton Blend Jacket Ensemble
Pierre Balmain, 1914-1982, Designer, 1950-1959
Sorelle Fontana, Blue Matelassé Dress and Detachable Waistband with Back Peplum
Sorelle Fontana:
Zoe Fontana, 1911-1979, Designer
Micol Fontana, 1913-2015, Designer
Giovanna Fontana, 1915-2004, Designer
, 1950-1959
Rina Barbagli, Brown and Gray Tweed Dress Suit Set
Rina Barbagli, Designer, 1950-1959
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