1950's Fashion

The 1950’s brought a style revolution for women in the United States largely attributed to Christian Dior’s “New Look” campaign started in 1947. Once WWII was over, after undergoing a utilarian fashioned decade, women were eager to reinvent themselves by embracing a more feminine silhouette.  What Dior started continued throughout the decade creating  a movement that largely styled women in dresses with soft shoulders, prominent bust lines, narrow waists, and full skirts.  This new and glamourous style was epitomize on television and on large screens by such icons such as Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe. This exhibit reflects this style with Claire McCardell’s’ empire waist dress, Carrie Munn’s pink lace cocktail dress and two unknown designer party dresses, a Bergdorf Goodman original evening gown and two wedding dresses. Coordinating accessories such as cocktail hats, clutch handbags, short and long gloves and costume jewelry, were very important during this era and illustrated the complete look women were aspiring for.  This exhibit also features a number of handbags and hats from the decade. 

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